The Fourth Question

I often feel that the responses to "the three questions" of the Daily Standup do not meet the Spirit of the Philosophy and Intention of the Daily Standup.

So I have started posing a Fourth Question.
Instead of sticking to a template question for this Fourth Question, I have several candidates to chose from. Here are some questions that I pose:
1. What did you learn yesterday?
2. What surprised you yesterday?
3. Whom did you fall in love with today?
4. What are you not telling us today?
5. How are we helping (or not helping) you?
6. Do you think our "Slate is Clean"?
7. How many seconds (of this Daily Standup) were you not paying attention to the team?
8. Do you feel SAFE? Do we need to ask this question?
9. Why are you here today?
10. Will you come back tomorrow?
11. Did you begin your day with an embrace?
12. Whose soul did you touch today?
13. How has your life changed today?
14. How many opportunities did you make good of yesterday?
15. Are you happy?
and so on....

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