Soldier Soulmate

War is everywhere - in nature and in you and me. The seasons’ battle each other. The night and day are at war everyday. Nature’s children battle for sunlight, water, air and even freedom. I also see Nature’s rebirth every where. Conceived in hope, Nature gives birth to itself. Every second, every where and in every one.

This poem is dedicated to my Soldier Soulmates.

The children of my mother reach out to me

Outstretched arms, Hungry palms

Deep eyes, Missing Thighs

Solid Soul, Tattered Body

Singing Lips, Crying eyes

The children of my father reach out to me

Burnt skin, Untouched pride

Scarred Body, Unscathed Beauty

Hungry stomachs, Satisfied appetite

Tattered Rags, Protected Honor

The mothers of my children reach out to me

Unwed Widows, Married Souls

Broken vows, Fulfilled Conception

Lonely Mothers, Joyful Motherhood

Divided Parents, Undivided Parenthood

The fathers of my children reach out to me

Unseen faces, Dreamt babies

Untouched cheeks, Imagined smiles

Unsung Lullabies, Chanted Prayers

Bloody Bodies, Inherited Blood

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