Deciphering Complex Systems+Our Children

Siraj / Jan 11, 2019





We work with complex systems and the first aspect of our life is to decipher these complex systems. We invest a lot of energy and time in Discovery - reading, interacting, observing, interviewing, taking notes, discussing etc... We draw models, create and test our assumptions. We prepare and become knowledgeable about the systems we want to work with.

And then of course, there is the tremendous training that our amazing children provide for us. Our children teach us about complexity from the time they are born. We learn to pay attention to subtle signals and actions. Our antennae become sharper and sharper. We learn to hang on to every word they say. We make mistakes and come back for more learning.

Yup! by the time we walk into your door.. we are well trained and ready for more discovery!

Temenos+Agility is deeply committed to all our children. Our work is inspired by children and dedicated to creating better futures for all of our children. We begin, however, with the Discovery of your Complex System.

This blogpost is dedicated to my daughter, Amaani Sirajuddin  






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