Lessons in Visibility

Siraj / Apr 14, 2011


The presence of visibility is such a critical aspect to achieve flow in an organization. For me, visibility starts with the individual ... before I consider team / organizational visibility.

Hidden Agendas create obstacles that take a long time to dissipate. The ensuing self-deception is such a strong barrier to overcome.

Have you sensed this already? Say more...

Growth Plus can help to discover the hidden agendas we are preserving inside us.  We continue to discover these within our own system. These discoveries allow us to create safe spaces for the obstacles that are hidden deep in your context, to surface when they are ready... and when we are ready for them.

PS. This one goes out to my teachers of Visibility - Raghu and John - great speakers of self-truth and great devourers of funnel cakes at the Andrews AFB Air Shows!

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