Experience, Miming and Relevance

Siraj / Feb 28, 2011

It seems that our friend Arturo has independently come up with the same concept as Growth Plus. He is planning on writing guest blog post on this subject and we will continue to enjoy the mystery of his discovery until then.

Also, we are relieved that we are not the first or the last to decipher this mystery!

Growth Plus can help you decipher the mystery of what does it take to co-create a compelling shared vision or experience (as Arturo calls it) for your team.

PS. This blog post is dedicated to the moment of transformation that happened between Arturo, Pascal and I at the end of SCALE 9X. We hope you enjoy his Influence Map as much as he did.

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Topics: Compelling Shared Vision, Experience, Influence Map, Influence Mapping, Miming, Moment of Transformation, (mt), Mystery, Relevance

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