Departed Soulmate

Learn to hold
the hand of the man
who takes his child to the grave.

Bless the fawn
that remembers
her mothers' milk.

Pray for cure
or at least mercy
for the one
who is on the edge of disease.

Begin your day
with a million names
one for every soul
who has lived and died

You will never die
I will never die.

and its gifts
will continue
for you and me.

Our shapes
and our colors
will change.

and dear ones
will become
more colorful
and less visible.

When you smile and cry
for the dear departed
I smile and cry with you.


When they all
will smile and cry
for you and me,
we will be
playing sweet games

with our dear departed.
(For the sweet memory of my several departed soulmates... Kavita Baloo, Christa "Rose" Sommer, Nooruddin, Rahima Bi, Sakina, Mala, Fenn Sam David, Sandeep ...)

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