Rukmini's Abduction & Supplication

Siraj / Feb 19, 2012

what an amazing song sung by Rukmini: 

Naath ha maaza mohi khala 

Sishupala bhari zhala 

Veer Rukmi sishusama aanila 

Vira lolavi maza halu dharuni 

kara ratnasi janu vyala. 



My Lord enchants villains

Even Shishupala (Krishna's nephew) found him too heavy to conquer

My Lord brought down virile Rukmi as gently as an infant

He brings down heroes while holding me as gently as if wearing gem-crusted bracelet

 All this is sung by Rukmini , while being abducted by Krishna, her Nath or beloved Lord, in his chariot

you can listen to this song sung by the legend Kumar Gandharva:

Kumar Gandharva sings Naath Haa Maaza



Rukmini praises Lord Krishna but knows that he is her slave in love and union. 



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