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Siraj Sirajuddin / Feb 5, 2020

Enterprise Agile Transformation initiatives are big. Change at this scale of thousands is tough.

Leaders and executives involved in these initiatives are going through their own personal transformation. Change at this scale of one is equally tough.

Siraj Sirajuddin has worked with hundreds of executives leading enterprise Agile transformation initiatives. These are their stories of personal growth and individuation. Hear how transformation at a personal level is the leverage for transformation at a collective level. Also, learn about unique methods that activate personal transformation for leaders who are ready to step into their leader persona but are unable to get needed support from traditional leadership training and coaching methods.

The delivery approach is one of storytelling, with highly evocative visuals of actual case studies and enterprise Agile transformation in action. The goal is to engage the audience with these stories, encourage questions during the session, and leave listeners pondering the stories after the session. The intention is to empower change agents in the audience and call on them to take their game to the next level.

I hope you enjoy the webinar recording, and please do share your comments and thoughts with us at siraj@visiontemenos.com.

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