Don't Cry Over Spilt Coffee

Siraj / Mar 3, 2011



Sometimes, we live in the past and ignore the present. Regrets take our precious time and ... our attention away from what is happening right now. We miss the beauty of this moment and ignore the breath that has just escaped from our body.

Our friends in the world of lean would say Regret = Muda (waste)!

Growth Plus can help your executives and their teams quickly learn from the past and quit crying over spilt coffee or milk or whatever it is that is stopping your teams from reaching high performance!

PS. This blogpost is dedicated to my friend Demian who for some reason makes me spill his coffee every time we meet. He is also my client committed to creating a high performing team at Media Temple (mt)!

And yes, we are also their clients as we believe in Demian & his people, products and services!











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