Acupuncture Influence Map + Innocence

Siraj / Mar 2, 2011


A new world of knowledge and discovery has opened up to me thanks to Pascal and David.

Acupuncture seems to be another layer (view) of the Influence Map Suite to our life and vision. For me, it was a moment of transformation.

David, Pascal and I enjoyed a very touching conversation on the convergence of our worlds and views. For me, it was like looking into a mirror again. These reflections fed my curious mind and my pioneer spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed the session with David and look forward to several more engaging conversations and views into my Influence Map thru his Acupuncture expertise.

Growth Plus does not know how to see the world in all its unique dimensions and we continue to learn and expand our Discovery Process. As I go deeper, the more ignorant I become. But more importantly, the more closer I feel to the source of my Innocence.

PS. This blogpost is dedicated to my daughter Pallavi who continues to remind me of her innocence!



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Topics: Acupuncture, Influence Map, Innocence

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