Temenos Effect Gathering 2019

Washington DC

Inviting the Modern Wounded Healers - Agile Coaches and Change Agents


Friday, 9 August 2019


Washington DC

Back to the System of One / Personal Mastery

Have you ever thought about the person you are always with, like who is she? What kind of distinct individual would he say he is? What does she think and do every day? What does he desire to be? In life the one you will rely upon the most and stay always with is “Yourself”. Your own presence is escalated everywhere! Starting from your usual vigilant physical aspect to the domains of trance.

Since that person is you, you need to think about creating that beautiful self you want to be always with. Because now and then, a time comes when we have to relinquish all that we're about and begin once again, whether considering we've grown out of it or it's not working any longer. This Courage -- To take a stand for one’s true self is called the Discipline of Personal Mastery.

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Drawings from the Heart: The Temenos Influence Maps of Susan Gibson

Susan is Co-Founder of Temenos+Agility, and travels the world, training, consulting and mentoring top leaders from some of the world's largest multi-national corporations, enabling them and other change agents to lead large-scale agile transformations, leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework.

Almost every enterprise transformation team overstates the degree to which they can control negative effects of change and underestimates the time, collaborative energy and money it would take to prepare for the change

Siraj Sirajuddin

 ▪  Founder, Temenos

Conference Schedule / don't forget it!

Friday, 9 August 2019
Networking and Reception
Welcome and Introductions by Speed Temenos
Introduction - Opening Remarks - PM Session – I (Common)
PM Session – II (Breakout Containers)
PM Session – III (Breakout Containers)
Lunch break
CS Session – I (Breakout Containers)
CS Session – II (Breakout Containers)
PV Session – I (Common)
PV Session – II (Breakout Containers)
PV/CSV Session III (Common)
Tea and closing

Vision Temenos / (Optional Session)

Vision Temenos (Friday, August 9, 2019 - LIVE at Bengaluru, India and online globally wherever you are)

What is it?

The Vision Temenos is a collective dreaming container for Wounded Healers / Change Agents and Agile Coaches to go into their dreams and access and activate their True Personal Vision.

This all night, magical session will be accompanied by visionary guided meditation, inspiring melodies and gentle music - a lullaby to the dreamers on their enchanting journey inward and deep into their creative soul.

Bring your pillows and blankets! Pajamas optional!

TEMENOS FACILITATORS  / meet your guides

Our Facilitators are awesome! They are one unique crew of change makers, caretakers, healers, entrepreneurs, and tech titans. Thus, this gathering indeed has all sorts of opportunities to meet, share, and learn a lifetime's worth experience and knowledge.

Susan Gibson

Susan Gibson

Temenos Facilitator

Siraj Sirajuddin

Siraj Sirajuddin

Founder & Author - Temenos Effect

Temenos Vision Labs / Your Message and Your Voice

Be a wounded healer/change agent, you have to articulate how the change manifestation will look like. Your answers are right here - As an individual, how to unlock the intrinsic motivation? And as a leader, how can you possibly influence people’s hearts?

Let’s not forget the difficulties of approaching the weak, vulnerable, uncomfortable, lonely, and broken sides of people. But you must remember, what a person (She/he) desires the most is to reconcile with the life by finding personal healing in the healing of the collective.

Do all these above stories stir your being? If so, Come and join the retreat of emotional, empathetic and healing leaders to solidify the essential qualities into habits and utterly change the way you communicate with the world around you.

Temenos Effect / deep dive into the concept

The Surprising Results of Wounded Healers Approaching the Transforming Enterprise, Culture and Leadership

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THE ATTENDEES / seekers of True Personal Vision

A very hearty welcome to all the dear participants!! As you know, this is one of our most awaited gatherings for the wounded healers, thought workers and change agents.

We are building a place, where we want to bring together the connections and people from different thinking culture. We believe you wouldn’t want to miss something as awe-inspiring as this!

THE VENUE / sanctuary for our vision quest

Are you on the list? If not, get registered! Share your ultimate vision stories and unlock the potentials for a better life.

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Washington DC

Gathering FAQs / ask us anything

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