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Conversations Of Inquiry: 

An Invitation To Explore


This small book - Conversations of Inquiry - is an invitation to great conversations. We work regularly with Lean-Agile leaders - and aspiring leaders. - many of whom are considering the next steps in their careers. Young people still in education and about to enter the workforce are often curious and motivated to learn more about their career options and build connections that will help them into inspiring, fulfilling, and abundant work. All of us, as lifelong learners, are constantly called to make choices about the next stage of our learning. The book offers a range of resources for inspiring great conversations that shape and enrich all these choices and learning journeys.


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About Temenos+Agility

Temenos+Agility is a boutique Organizational Development consulting firm dedicated to the research and application of deep Organizational and Personal Transformation approaches and tools. These methods, models and tools are rooted in Organizational Development, Systems Thinking, Jungian Psychology, Agile and other transformation processes.

We, Temenos+Agility Team, hope that you enjoy reading the book.

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