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Guest Post by Jim Sutton, President - Lean Systems Society Re: LSS Reactor Conference 2013

Who is the "Lean Systems Society"? We were formally founded in 2009 as the "Lean Software and Systems Society." We reorganized in 2012 to our current name. We are modeled after the 300 year-old U.K. Royal Society, that recognizes the world's leading scientists as "Fellows." The LSS Fellowship recognizes the world's leading systems thinkers in the same way. You can see the current list of LSS Fellows on our website . It is growing each year, and will no doubt add more from the STIA community as time goes on (for instance, Siraj Sirajuddin was recognized this year as an LSS Fellow). As you can see, we are about recognizing and connecting systems people, not about competing with other systems organizations.

With generous tooling support from the Cognitive Edge company, The LSS is working to explore all stories of systems experiences. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of how systems work actually plays out in the real world. From that foundation we can together identify ways to genuinely improve systems work. Then we can use that knowledge to improve our world.

The technique we're using is called "sense-making" It is strongly grounded in complexity theory and cognitive science, and is further described here.

Please join with us by sharing your stories at our journaling website. We've kept the experience short, sweet, and fun. Your stories will remain anonymous. And there is no cost to you.

After sharing at least one story you can request a free summary report of the results when the work is done (late September). Share four or more plus participate in the culmination of the sense-making work at the LSS Reactor Conference, and you will receive a detailed report of the findings for free upon request (and you will gain experience in a rising technique that will be useful in systems careers in the future).

But whether or not you can make it to the conference, please share your experiences. Your stories are a gift to the world of systems work; the report of the combined results is the gift of the world of systems work back to you.

Join us in the exploration and share in its discoveries!

James Maxwell Sutton
President and Fellow, Lean Systems Society

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