Implementing SAFe® 4.0 w/ SPC4 Certification

We would like to invite you for this four-day course which will prepare you to lead an enterprise agile transformation and where your organisation will be changed with our Temenos model. “Temenos Vision Agility Model” is the organisational transformation that Temenos produces for quick-fix and simple solutions to the organisations in the course of the cultural change.

Organisations change due to a number of reasons, commonly for New Technology and Performance Gaps. Change is important in organisations to allow employees learn new skills, explore different opportunities and implement their creativity for the benefit of the organisation through new ideas and commitment.


Change Agents can be defined as a structured process in transforming individuals, teams and organisations from the desired state to future state. Thus, there is a need of mastering the various ways of coaching and mentoring. The course is also meant for that audience who are devoted and involved in agile production and development. The coaching will also incorporate diverse practices like-- effective communication, the readiness of listening, asking pointed questions and ability to comprehend the other person’s thinking.

SAFe® Certification Kit

The attendees who pass the exam will also be given an SPC4 Certification, access to the course materials needed to train SAFe® Agilist, SAFe® Practitioners, SAFe® PM/PO’s and a year membership as an SPC and an SPC4 branding kit with an SPC certification mark.

Assistance to the Change Agents 

Every organisational change, whether large or small, requires one or more change agents. The “Temenos Change Agentry” is the process that Temenos uses in transforming the change agents in a positive way. We develop the necessary skills such as introspection, visualisation, listening, observing, etc in change agents to lead any kind of diversities. Our founder, Siraj Sirajuddin quotes-- 

“Almost every enterprise transformation team overstates the degree to which they can control negative effects of change and underestimates the time, collaborative energy and money it would take to prepare for the change”

Customer Feedbacks

Srinivasan - Hi, Srinivasan here. So we are looking at agile as one of the transformation means. We are forming a small team in agile for the last 1 or 2 years. The main objective of attending this course was to see how agile can be scaled across a 200 to 300 member programme team. Over the last 4 days, it was a very interesting thing we learned especially the Value Stream level, Portfolio level and going about how budgeting happens. In terms of improvements, the programme was good and it was packed with a lot of information and it really helped us to get connected with the Portfolio and the Value Stream level.

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