Awareness & Ignorance: Time Versus Energy

kjjjjjio Image courtesy Yann Kebbi

The present-day principle of Business is “To race against time.” So giving leverage to time more than anything else is inevitable. Every day we are trying to do the best that we can. When demand increases, we start to hasten our pace and make haphazard choices, that are convenient but improper in many ways.

I would recommend doing things in the right time. Creation of a healthy work culture needs time and energy. Starting from client management to family, everywhere a person spends lots of energy, but we always fail to notice the importance of energy. As a change agent whenever you take responsibility, you bring more energy into the container, but the consequences of the energy can be better or worse. Because people are different-----their nature, behavior, thinking, work process ----- everything is different.
So energy management is as necessary as the time management.

Let’s Have a Quick look On Energy Management!

Before starting this discussion, I would like to take your attention on some practical issues of “Human mind at workspace”. Today’s modernized civilization has turned us into hustling puppets. At some point of life, you would start asking questions like “Why am I working so hard?”--- “Am I really achieving the things, that I have always wanted?” ---- “Why is my hard work not paying off?”.... This state of mind drags you into a confounding maze. The more you go deeper, the less your brain will work------the more you are negative, the less focused you will be----the more you are distracted----the less energy you will put into your work.

I think now you can understand the consequences of a misguided mindset, and how it affects your energy level in a container. We are quite aware of the time but at some point we are underestimating the energy side.

Let’s get to the main point, Energy Management---- “Invocation of the positive internal energy by mastering over your own mind and thoughts.” As one of the social creatures, you are a part of this big container called “Human Universe”. As long as you live, you have to interact with them, work with them -- live with them… So you need to be in full engagement with your purpose. For that, we must be mentally focused and spiritually energized to bring passion, devotion and positive flow into the container. Here a leader, who holds the main strings of an organization should act as a shining example for others.

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